Jazz Bassist, Composer, Lyricist, Teacher, Author and Entrepreneur…Meet Jon Burr

Behind the scenes with Jon Burr

Take a look behind the scenes and you’ll see that the ways Metropolitan Men earn a living — and live — are changing.

The days of having a single career that spans a lifetime are fading fast. The capacity for reinvention is essential for thriving in today’s economy. No one exemplifies the ability to change with the times better than Jon Burr, whose career has taken him from the most prestigious venues as a jazz bassist to a vibrant business showing musicians and others how to create a successful Internet presence.

Surprising path? Not entirely. According to Burr, when you set about a career in music (or any art form) “It’s not only about what you do, it’s about how you live. If you want the chance to develop as an artist, you better first learn how to make a living.”