What’s Hot In New York


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Metropolitan Men is not about where you live, it’s about how you live.  Metropolitan Men are curious, have a wide variety of interests and pursue them. Thery’re interested in quality. They want to know What’s Hot in New York and what’s of lasting value.

Metropolitan Men may or may not have a family, but whether it’s a traditional family, a new kind of family or friends near and far – they care deeply about people and the world around them.

Metropolitan Mean are consummate and discerning consumers – but it’s not always about things – it’s about ideas, experiences, life and a life well lived.

Metropolitan Men may be found among the 1% or the 99%. Perhaps they have arrived or are  just starting along the way. But without doubt, they know where they’re going.

Regardless of age, Metropolitan Men feel young and plan to stay that way. Living well and staying healthy is a way of life. It’s something worth working for, another one of life’s important goals.

We invite all Metropolitan Men wherever you are or whoever you are to enjoy this site and come back often.

We welcome you and hope you find the site interesting, entertaining and informative. And most of all, we hope you join the conversation.